Memorials Page

Howard Tarlow

Howard Tarlow, former Olivas Park and Olivas Links Mens Golf Club Board Member,  passed away at age 74, on September 17, from an accident while snorkeling.  Howard had moved to Jacksonville, Florida where the accident occurred at the White Banks Dry Rock Reefs.
Howard was born in Philadelphia, PA. He graduated from Hofstra University with a BA in History. After moving to Southern California, Howard became founder, President and CEO of Princeton Corporate Consultants Inc.

OLMGC Life Member Rich Guzik

The local golfing community lost Rich Guzik on April 18, 2022. Rich was a Life Member of the OLMGC and we will miss his counsel and love of golf. He served on the Board of Directors of 5 local men's golf clubs (simultaneously) at Olivas Links, River Ridge and Buenaventura golf courses. One of his many contributions was to build up the scholarship programs at each of these clubs. This awarded many young men and women in local high school golf programs money for their college education.

Rich, always a stickler for the rules, provided his wisdom and thoughtful words on many an issue over the years. We all enjoyed his wisdom, humor, hard work and competitive drive and he will be missed!

"I’ve experienced many different emotions at O.P. over the years. Sadness in seeing our course plowed under, anticipation on its return, vindication (see greatest moments), my first Sunday morning back 9 with my son. And who could forget those 19th hole celebrations. Ours is a great club and it has truly been an honor to serve our Board of Directors." --Rich Guzik 2012

John Cordell Clay, former OLMGC Board Member,  died of complications from pneumonia on Wednesday, August 7, 2019, in Ventura, CA.

Andy DeSilva, former OPMGC and OLMGC President.