Member Aces (Hole in One)

Ken Shugerman at Olivas Links during Team Play Event.  Hole #8, 165 Yards, 7-iron. 2/18/2023


                    Doug Cryer gets his fifth hole in one on Hole #5 during the
                    Stableford tournament on 2/21/21 

Al Reagan gets his 5th Hole in One on June 30th, 2020 at Buenaventura Golf Course
Hole #17, 127yds, 6 iron. 

Ron Oldhafer gets his first ace on May 16th, 2020 at Olivas Links
Hole #5 playing 164 yards   

Al Reagan scores his 4th Ace on November 14th, 2019 at Simi Hills
Hole #15 at 178yds

Ken Davis on 8/20/2019 at Ojai Valley Inn 
Hole #8 116 yards. 1st Ace!

Brian Rank on 3/23/2019 Morro Bay away event

He hit a pitching wedge on the 126 yard par 3, #4.  He hit last in the group and pulled his shot a little to the right of the green.  We saw it roll up the mound on the right.  Everyone else was on the green with their shots.  


When we got to the green we were looking for his ball long and right and couldn't find it, finally Steve Rutherford asks if anybody looked in the hole.  AND THERE IT WAS!


Witnessed by Steve Rutherford, Manny Ayala and Pat Krull
Editor's note - he has 2 clubs behind his back - doesn't that mean he was clueless?

John Parker on 2/23/2019
Buenaventura #11 162 yards 6 iron
6 year anniversary of his first ace

Matt McInally
Olivas Links #17
Saturday April 21, 2018

Bob Mooney

Knollwood Country Club, Granada Hills:

Friday the 13th AND on the 13th hole got my first hole-in-one ??

Played about 150 yards,  a little uphill,  blue flag and a career (obviously) 7 iron. 

December 20, 2015 at Olivas Links on Hole #13

Charles Messer's tale of his Ace

I was playing in the two-man scramble tournament with Mike Matthieu, Rowland Hill, and John Meyer.  The 13th was playing to Pin Position #2, back right into about 5 mph of wind.  Rowland had the honor and hit 5-iron to about 20 feet, left and slightly short.  John then hit a solid 6-iron, high with a soft draw that landed over the crest, 12-14 feet right of the pin.  We expected his ball to kick towards the pin.  I then hit a solid 5-iron, high and straight, that landed over the crest on a line that was about two feet right of the pin.  Mike hit his ball pin-high, about 35 feet left.  Only two balls were visible from the tee.      

John and Mike were in carts, and Rowland and I were walking.  As John drove up to the green he turned and shouted, "There's only one ball on the green!"  We were all on the green but we knew what he meant, that only one ball was visible on the back-right part of the green.  He then looked behind the green and shouted, "There's only one ball up here.  You might have made a hole-in-one!"  

John then waited on the fringe until we all arrived.  There was a ball about 5 feet right of the pin, and together we walked to the pin.  At the bottom of the cup was a Titleist 3 that was marked with a purple dot.  My golf ball.  I began shouting, "One!  One!  I made a hole in one!" 

 Rowland and I found a fresh 1/2-inch deep pitch mark that was on my line and about a foot short of the green, on a slight down-slope.  He said, "Your ball probably went in center-cut."  

On any normal golf day, John's birdie would have been excellent golf.  But yesterday it seemed anti-climatic.  And I couldn't resist saying on the next tee, "You guys made birdie and lost the honor."

October 31, 2015 at Olivas Links on Hole #8

John Parker used his trusty 7-iron from 152 yards
His second ace (read below)

December 23, 2014 at Buenaventura on Hole #11

Al Reagan used his trusty 7 iron for a perfect shot of 119 yards.
This was Al's third ACE! Great shot, Al!
Sorry no pix. Maybe on the next one...


June 10th 2014 at Olivas Links on Hole #17.
Our Men's Club Treasurer, Pat Krull, used his Pitching Wedge from the White Tees at 120 yards as witnessed by Brian Rank. This is Pat's first ace in 20 years of golf. Only problem is, Pat did it when no one else was around to pick his wallet clean at the bar ...

February 23rd 2014 at Buena Ventura. Hole #5

John Parker. 114 yds using a gap wedge. "Cost me over 100 dollars at the bar. Worth every penny."