Life Members

November 2012 - Pictured standing L to R: Tom Radis, Steve Rogers, Ken Davis, Keith Bratberg, Frank Leiblein.

Sitting L to R: Rich Guzik, Roy Northup

Life Members Frank Leiblein, Tom Radis, Keith Bratberg, Frank Cavola, and Joe Schmidt attending a meeting in 2004.


What is a Life Member?

Being a Life Member of OLMGC is similar to being in the Hall of Fame for Major League Baseball.   It's the club's highest honor and it has only been bestowed on a select few who have gone above and beyond the normal responsibilities of an OLMGC Member.  In the entire history of the OLMGC we have selected only 13 members for this exclusive group.

Basically, these guys are the foundation and the backbone of our club.  Besides their years of service on the Board of Directors they also always seem to be around tourneys and meetings.  The hard work they have put into our club is immeasurable.

Life Member Directors

Dan Murphy

Elected 2015

Steve Arnold

Elected 2015

Ken Davis

Elected 2012

Roy Northup

Elected 2012

Rich Guzik

Elected 2012

Steve Rogers

Elected 2006

Tom Radis

Elected 1996

Gary Henderson

Elected 1990

Frank Cavola

Elected 2001

Keith Bratberg

Elected 1989

Frank Leiblein

Elected 1992

Tim Loftus

Elected 2006

Other Life Members who have passed away.

Gordon Blanchard

Leo Cook

Joseph Hnat

Clyde Walker

Irv Pinckey