OLMGC Club Champion Brad Kane in Israel

The Maccabi Games bring together Jewish athletes from all over the globe for the third largest Olympic style event in the world. Over 10,000 athletes from 65 countries participating in 55 different sports.

Our Olivas Links Club Champion, Dr. Brad Kane, was the medalist in the qualifying tournament held several months ago at PGA National in Florida in the Senior flight, thereby securing a spot on the USA delegation representing our country in the games held in Israel every four years.

The Maccabi games just concluded in late July. The US Grandmaster team lead by Brad, won the Gold medal at the Caesarea Golf Club. Entering the third and final round his team was in second place, 6 shots behind the home Israeli team. Brad posted the low score of the day and with strong play by other members of the US team they overtook the team in front to win by 12 strokes for a Team Gold medal!

Entering the final round Brad was in 5th place in the individual event which was being played simultaneously. His low score in the third round catapulted him up the leaderboard all the way to second place for an Individual Silver medal!

"I was honored to represent our country in such an international event and doing well enough to medal, both Gold and Silver, was icing on the cake. Meeting fellow golfers from all over the world in competition and in camaraderie was a once in a lifetime experience."

"As President Biden coincidentally was in Jerusalem meeting with the Israeli Prime Minister on the day of the Opening Ceremonies, he made an appearance as an honored guest during the Parade of Nations. Quite an honor. That’s probably where he caught Covid as there were 50,000 people in the stadium."

Congrats to you, Brad Kane! Great job representing USA and winning Gold and Silver!