Thanks for your interest in the OLMGC....Here are the details:

OLMGC Membership is a great value and has many privileges:  Besides being a member of the OLMGC and getting an opportunity to play in a ton of great events, members also get preferred tee times at Olivas Links and special merchandise discounts at The Olivas Links  Pro Shop.   There are also great “away” golf tournaments in 2016.  We will be traveling to great places like Morro Bay, Santa Barbara and More!

OLMGC also sponsors a “Free dinner” each month before our General meetings, where prize give-a-ways and golfing comradery abound. Throughout the year, before the meetings, play in the Nine-Hole tournaments and/or join in for chipping and putting contests. OLMGC puts much of your dues back into all tournament prize funds.  Renewal applications may be pickup at the Olivas Links Pro Shop or click the picture to print out an application. All current Club information is available at this website at no additional charge to our members.

What are you waiting for? 
Apply now and tell all your golfing buddies!


Dave Stoltz
OLMGC Membership Chairman

3750 Olivas Park Drive | Ventura, CA 93001

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